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Parents Questions & Answers

Packing Guide

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Clothes: Tops (must completely cover midriff when arms are raised), bottoms (must reach mid-calf), nice pants and shirts for worship (no T-shirts for worship), swimwear (one-piece for girls is preferable), undergarments, robe (to be worn between cabin, pool, and bath house), socks and shoes (two pairs recommended), bath shoes (if desired).


Pillow, sheets, blanket or bedroll, towels, washcloths.


Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, brush or comb, deodorant, contact daily care items (if camper wears contacts).

Bible and Materials:

Bible, notebooks, pens and pencils, highlighter.


Flashlight, hat/cap, bug spray, camera (disposable recommended), fan (if desired), sunscreen.

Clearly label all items, including clothes, to ensure their return.
Do not bring snacks, CD players, radios, TV or cell phones.
Fireworks and other explosives, knives, guns or other weapons are forbidden.