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Parents Questions & Answers

Camp Rules

ALL VISITORS to the camp must report to the camp director at the mess hall upon arrival.
Christian conduct will be expected at all times.

This means: No cursing, rude or insulting language or gesturing. No tobacco, drugs or alcohol.

Modesty will be maintained at all times.

All dresses, skirts and pants must cover the entire knee while seated--this is a MINIMUM REQUIREMENT. No transparent or form-fitting clothing allowed. Tops must not be cut very low and must overlap pants (no visible tummies or lower backs). Clothes for worship include dresses, nice pants, slacks, collared shirt, and blouses. Always cover up when going to pool or bath house.

You must be on time, so familiarize yourself with the schedule.

A respectful attitude is necessary for a fun, smooth running camp. Courtesy to all campers and staff is expected (no teasing or insulting behavior and NO PRANKS!). Share camp equipment. Use proper table manners. Keep your hands off other people and their stuff.

No kissing, hugging, holding hands, or similar expressions of affection between non-married people.

No boys on girl’s side of camp and no girls on boy’s side of camp.

No food (including candy) or drinks allowed in cabins.

Do not go into the kitchen unless you are asked to help. The refrigerator is for staff use only.

No weaponry: fireworks, smoke bombs, knives (turn in pocket knives when you arrive).
Pay attention during class and worship (no sleeping). Always bring your Bible and class book when we are studying (also pen/pencil/highlighter).
No cell phones, ipods, or other electronic devices. They will be taken up. If a child is caught with an electronic device after Sunday evening you will be called to come pick up that child.
Everyone must take a shower each day. Swimming is not a shower.
Anyone disobeying the rules must be reported! If you do not report an offender, you will be punished as well.
Staff Bathrooms are for staff only...No EXCEPTIONS.
A/C and Heather units will be controleled by staff only.
Emergency escape doors are for emergency use only.